Additional Items

The items listed below are an additional charge to the customer. Our trained installers will assess the install and inform customer of any additional charges that might be associated. All items are voluntary however we may not be able to complete an install with out them.

MikroTik Router:
$9.95 Monthly Charge, Warranty is good for length the rental term
$79.95 One time charge, 1 Year Warranty from date of Installation

$50.00 20ft Mast with Guy Wires (One Time Charge)
$100.00 50ft Mast with Guy Wires (One Time Charge)

Additional Install:
Run Cable through Interior Wall quoted upon request

Static IP Addresses(Business Accounts Only):
$7.00 monthly charge per additional IP Address

Business Router pricing available upon request

Any overages that are generated during the month will be billed automatically to the next month’s bill.

Pricing subject to applicable State/Local Tax
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